Sunday, 7 September 2014

Norfolk Developers: Rainbird Hack Day

What: Rainbird Hack Day

When: Monday 15th September 2014 @ 9.30am to 5.30pm

Where: The King's Centre, King Street, Norwich, NR1 1PH

How much: £15


Level: beginner / introduction

"Rainbird is a cloud-based artificial intelligence platform that enables developers, businesses and students to create powerful expert systems on any subject. The Rainbird development process starts with a visual process similar to mind-mapping (we call it knowledge mapping) and is backed by a new XML-based knowledge representation format called RBLang.  

As your knowledge base matures,the results can be published as a powerful web tool or an API that other people can consult with to retrieve the knowledge and solve problems."

During this inaugural Rainbird Hack Day, 30 developers from Norfolk Developers will have just one day to conceptualise, collaborate, create, build and present a Rainbird driven application that demonstrate creativity and innovation around any theme. Developers can enter individually although small teams of 2-4 are recommended. You can either form a team in advance or just come along on the day and team up. To get your creative juices flowing, access to Rainbird will be available in advance (from 1st September) and there will be an introductory webinar run 10.00am on Friday 5th September.

Here’s what to expect on the day:

  • An introduction by Rainbird CEO & Founder, Ben Taylor
  • A technical crash course by Rainbird Head of Software Development, Dom Davis
  • Extensive developer support by members of the Rainbird team throughout
  • An opportunity to imagine and collaborate with developers using this exciting new technology
  • A chance to present your hack to your colleagues at the end of the day
  • A prize for the best hack
  • Free T-shirt, and other nerdy gifts plus good food and refreshments
  • We’re a friendly bunch some come along and get stuck in!


  • Laptop with Chrome/Firefox
  • Rainbird Account*
  • Knowledge of XML would be beneficial but not mandatory
  • Knowledge of Mind Mapping would be beneficial but not mandatory
  • Optional: reference material on a subject you know a lot about (doesn’t need to be technical). We will look at turning this into a Rainbird Knowledge Base, although we have an example that people can build if they don’t have an idea for their own

*A link to sign up will be sent to attendees nearer the time.

Draft running order

9.30am Coffee, Croissant and Introductions
10.00am Welcome by James Duez (Chairman)
10:15am Introduction by Ben Taylor (CEO)
10:45am Rainbird Crash Course - Dom Davis (Head of Software Development)

11.15am Hack Session1

1.00pm Lunch

1.30pm Hack Session2

3.30pm Pitch time (8 minute slots)
4.45pm Prize giving and summary
5.00pm End

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