Saturday, 22 May 2021

PG Webhooks Tool (beta) - I want your feedback!

PG Webhooks Tool

PG Webhooks is a tool designed to help with the testing of webhooks. It allows you to receive and view messages from a webhook until you're ready to setup the server which will receive the real webhooks for your application.

Register the URL uniquely generated for you by PG Webhooks with your webhook. Fire the webhook and see the messages appear. Select each message to see the details, including the body and header.

PG Webhooks sits on a free Heroku instance so may take a few moments to start the first time you use it. It is backed by a non-persistent Redis database, so your messages are only stored temporarily.

PG Webhooks beta is very much a prototype and has plenty of rough edges. I would appreciate any feedback in the comments below. 

Monday, 17 May 2021

New Profile: Written for a talk on 'Entrepreneurship'

Husband, father, software engineer, metaller, Paul has been writing software for over 35 years and professionally for more than 20. In that time he has worked for and in all sorts of companies from two man startups to world famous investment banks and insurance companies. He has built and run three limited companies, none of which made him a millionaire and two of which threatened his sanity on more than one occasion.

Paul was a founding member of both SyncNorwich and Norfolk Developers, two of the most successful tech and startup based community groups in the East. He created and chaired the hugely successful Norfolk Developers Conference (nor(DEV):con) for seven years bringing in speakers and delegates in the sphere of software engineering from around the globe.

Paul is currently a Senior Platform Engineer at the Fintech startup Snoop and the founder of the tea finding app, Find My Tea. He loathes the word Entrepreneur, not least because he struggles to spell it and it reminds him of Del Boy from the 80s sitcom Only Fools and Horses. He sees Entrepreneurship as a side effect of the creative process of problem solving, rather than a career path in its own right.

Despite having dealt with the world of business from directors of the board down, Paul has kept both feet firmly on the ground even when his head has been in the clouds with healthy doses of Heavy Metal, Science Fiction and Formula One and long hair until it started falling out in 2013.

Oh, and he loves good tea too!

Sunday, 9 May 2021

A Review of Absolution Gap: Ignore the naysayers. Read this book. Love this book.

Alastair Reynolds ISBN-13 : 978-0575083165

I re-read Absolution Gap a decade or more after the first time in anticipation of the next part coming out in July of this year (2021). It was always the weakest of the trilogy, but not nearly as bad as I remember. In fact this time I devoured it in a relatively, for me, short period of time.

It’s true, as some other reviewers have said, that the story here could have been told in far fewer words, but then much of the texture of the story telling would have been lost and I think this is what makes this such a great book!

The characters and themes are believable in this universe. I think the story could have been very different if certain characters had not been killed off so early or at all. It’s always a shame when a lot of the main thrust of a previous book (Redemption Ark) is undone, but this is often how things play out in the real world.

I achieved what I wanted by re-reading Absolution Gap, I’m up to speed ready for the next instalment. The problem is that there is so much in the Revelation Space universe I now feel the need to go back and read it all again.

Ignore the naysayers. Read this book. Love this book.