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NorDevCon 2015 was featured in the EDP (local paper) this week!

It's been an exciting week for  NorDevCon  2015. Not only are tickets selling well (over 100 sold for the conference and about half the wine reception and dinner tickets sold), but NorDevCon was featured in the  Eastern Daily Press  this week. Ben Woods, the business editor, wrote a piece on how the conference is calling on East Anglian businesses to back Norwich’s technology sector. You can read the full piece  here . Please go along and leave a comment! In the next few weeks we'll have some more exciting additions to the  conference agenda  and about new sponsors for the conference. In the meantime you can buy your tickets and find out about sponsorship opportunities on the NorDevCon website  here . Please spread the word about the conference as it's going to be fantastic for agilists, developers, designers and businesses.