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Ever wondered what we do at Naked Element?

Here at Naked Element we design and build made to measure, enterprise software and cross platform mobile apps. What’s more our entire business has been built upon the quality of the work we produce as well as our collaborative partnerships with clients. This means that our clients not only get what they want, but what they need and what’s truly best for their business. But, what does made to measure, enterprise software and cross platform mobile apps really mean? Let’s break it down: Made to measure – Everything we design and build is truly bespoke. The market has shown that the one-size-fits-all approach to software development can no longer provide a solution for many of today's business needs. Enterprise Software – is the term used to describe purpose-designed business orientated software solutions that are designed to satisfy the needs of a particular company as well as individual users. Our enterprise software can stand alone or be integrated as an extension of cu

Breakaway Networking Norwich

There are loads of networking groups in Norwich, even more than there are tech groups! I haven’t been to that many. In fact it’s only four. There’s an breakfast club that I attend every other Thursday, another run my Lorna Burrows that I tried once, the BNI and now Breakaway Networking . Breakaway Networking meet at the Refectory at Norwich Cathedral every Thursday morning at 7am. I was invited along to their ‘Big Breakfast’ by Nick Applin who is their current chairman and runs his business out of Whitespace, just like Matt and I do with Naked Element. The Big Breakfast happens every 6 months or so and involves inviting lots of guests and listening to a guest speaker. I believe that their regular meetings are smaller affairs, attendees being predominantly members. I’m looking forward to finding out. The Big Breakfast started off with the usual informal networking over tea and coffee. I met some new people and bumped into some of the usual networkers I see everywhere (you know who

Gone Girl

Don’t bother. Gone Girl , although clever, is overly drawn out and nothing new. It’s 18 rating appears to be due to a single bloody scene and some serious language towards the end. Neither added anything to the story. The second quarter of the film is extremely slow. Ben Affleck doesn’t really make the lead role his own and is completely overshadowed by Rosamund Pike and Carrie Coone. Go and see Dracula Untold instead. We wish we had.

NorDev: Natural Language Processing & How to diagnose SQL Server performance issues

What:  Natural Language Processing & How to diagnose SQL Server performance When: Thursday , 6th November 2014 @ 6.30pm Where: The King's Centre , King Street, Norwich, NR1 1PH Sign-up: Natural Language Processing of A&E Patient Notes Richard Astbury ( @richorama ) Richard will be talking about a recent project where he took 7 years of patient data from the A&E at Leeds General Hospital, and ran it through some natural language processing algorithms to extract rich information. This helped to inform clinical decision making, save money, and support the wider community of services in Leeds. He'll be talking about the challenges on the project, and the tools, tricks and techniques used to extract useful information from hand-typed notes. Richard helps software businesses around Europe migrate their applications to the cloud. Richard is a Microsoft MVP for Windows Azure, an experience

NorDev: An Evening with AWS video now online

Norfolk Developers was delighted to welcome Ian Massingham of Amazon Web Services (AWS) to Norwich last week to give an introduction to AWS. The video is now on our YouTube channel and you can also watch it below: Introduction to AWS What it is, why is was created and what are the fundamental services that make up the service.

The Girl with the Curly Hair - Aspergers and Me

Alis Rowe ISBN-13: 978-0956269324 We were recommended the Girl with the Curly Hair soon after our eldest son was diagnosed with Aspergers. I read about 70% of it while I was at Bloodstock this year. It was very easy to read and immediately gave me insight into some of the things that our son was feeling and why. Alis Rowe is clearly an extreme case and it was also reassuring to know our son isn’t. I am very grateful to her for writing this book. It makes it clear that people with Aspergers sometimes struggle to understand how people without Aspergers feel and why they behave in the way that they do. It also made me realise people with Aspergers who may seem very selfish, are not really. In Alis’ case there is a clear understanding and acceptance that people without Aspergers feel differently to her. I am hoping that as our son (11) matures he will come to understand the world around him as well as Alis does.

Top Ten Albums (Post Ice Bucket Challenge)

I was recently asked on Facebook by Matt Roach to list my top 10 albums. I’m a huge (rock) music fan with a collection in excess of 1,500 albums (which, interestingly doesn’t include any INXS) and although I managed to put a list together I was kinda happy with in about 10 minutes, it was a hugely difficult task for me. Here, in no particular order, is what I came up with. Misplaced Childhood by Marillion This is a fantastic musical and emotional journey. Fish’s 35 minute description of his broken heart together with Steve Rothery’s better-than-gilmour guitar playing is just incredible. I love listening to this album, but i have to be careful as it always puts me in a melancholy mood which can make behaving like a normal human being difficult for the rest of the day. The Crimson Idol by WASP It’s difficult to explain why this is such a good album. The way WASP use BC Rich guitars, the drumming, the chorus hooks and the story to this magnificent concept album are certainly