Sunday, 19 October 2014

Ever wondered what we do at Naked Element?

Here at Naked Element we design and build made to measure, enterprise software and cross platform mobile apps.

What’s more our entire business has been built upon the quality of the work we produce as well as our collaborative partnerships with clients. This means that our clients not only get what they want, but what they need and what’s truly best for their business.

But, what does made to measure, enterprise software and cross platform mobile apps really mean? Let’s break it down:

Made to measure – Everything we design and build is truly bespoke. The market has shown that the one-size-fits-all approach to software development can no longer provide a solution for many of today's business needs.

Enterprise Software – is the term used to describe purpose-designed business orientated software solutions that are designed to satisfy the needs of a particular company as well as individual users. Our enterprise software can stand alone or be integrated as an extension of customer’s existing software so you don’t have to start from scratch.

Cross platform – imagine Apple and Android as two different countries with two different languages.
Most (developers) people from either country will speak the native language, or mother-tongue of that country. Naked Element live (create software) in a third country that has its own language that is understood by both the other countries, halving the effort of working in both countries at once.

So what does this mean in the real world?

It becomes much clearer if we apply this to real life and most of us use lots of different types of enterprise software everyday, perhaps without even realising it, such as:

  • The websites of e-commerce giants eBay and Amazon
  • Online payment processing systems such as PayPal
  • Booking platforms for hotels, holiday providers and anything else you can think of where you book online
  • Mobile apps that deliver a specific functions like ordering food via brands such as and Dominos Pizza
  • All social media platforms including Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.
  • Project management tools 

So, as you can see our made to measure, enterprise software and cross platform mobile apps are all about catering for that next level of functionality and delivering intelligent, high quality user experiences that add value to your business.

How We Work

As one of the select few companies across the UK to apply the tried and tested agile approach to our business, everything we do centres around effective customer engagement.

We design, build and take care of every detail involved in developing software, but you remain in control at all times. You get to see, feel and touch your software as it is developed. The software will be used in your business, so it’s important you have your say throughout the process. The benefits to our customers of this level of collaboration are that:

  • Expectations will be clearly understood, agreed and exceeded
  • Working and potentially releasable software is developed in short time frames
  • Functionality can be defined throughout, reducing the overall project lead time and in turn the cost
  • We can respond quickly to change and customers don’t end up paying for work they don’t need
  • Projects are broken down into manageable chunks, reviewed and agreed ensuring the client is happy every step of the way
  • Delays and any associated costs are reduced
  • You are in the driving seat and can directly influence the direction of a solution checking it is fit for purpose and addresses the need it was developed for in the first place.

We know that no two customers’ requirements are exactly the same and whilst we always pride ourselves on our effective internal and external communication processes we don’t over complicate things and encourage clients to just pick up the phone or pop by, as people solve problems not processes.

Our Process

Before we put pen to paper, or even cut code, we define a project’s user stories. This is a term used by Agile methodologies for the who, what, where and why of a project’s requirements and defines the features the software needs to include.

Every project we carry out is broken down into manageable development chunks called iterations. The user stories help us understand the features that are important to the customer and allow us to estimate what will be delivered within each iteration, how many are required and how long the overall project will take. This means our customers have a clear indication of a project's costs and never get any nasty surprises once a project is complete. This process also means that both parties can track progress and at Naked Element we only ever charge per complete iteration after delivering working software the client is happy with.

We have successfully used this process in a wide range of projects to date and we’re so confident that clients will be delighted with the quality of our work and the rate at which we deliver, we don’t usually require any upfront costs or commitment beyond the current iteration.

To see how Naked Element can help your business, please drop us a line or give us a call:

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