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Humanizing Tech & The evolution of SEO and is it dead?

What: Humanizing Tech & The evolution of SEO and is it dead? When: Wednesday, October 12, 2016 - 6:30pm to 9:00pm Where: The King's Centre, King Street, Norwich, NR1 1PH How much: Free RSVP: Humanizing Tech  Karen Longdin Being brilliant technically is only half the battle when it comes to being successful within a business. An exploration of how to humanize technology to two ends: To converse with your business, get your point heard and your projects sponsored. And to manage and lead other technical people and teams who may know more, better or different to you; what happens when your technical knowledge is no longer enough? Karen Longdin  As Head of IT Development and Architecture for Wyndham Vacation Rentals UK, Karen heads up a team of developers and QA engineers working across Web, back end, reporting and third party systems. Previously having been Head of IT at Stansted Airport a

Spring Boot in Action

by Craig Walls ISBN-13: 978-1617292545 You can be pretty sure of what you’re going to get with a Manning ‘In Action’ book and Spring Boot in Action is no exception.  It’s clear, friendly while not being over familiar and above all a pleasure to read. In fact I struggled to put it down. I’ve got back into reading recently, but this is the first technical book I have fully read for quite a while. The thing is I’m a huge fan of Java. This brings me into a lot of ridicule. There are lots of other software development technologies such as Ruby on Rails and Node.js which are arguably more productive because they do a lot of the standard web application boilerplate for you. The Spring library provides the Java developer with a lot of web application boilerplate as well, but there is no getting away the fact that Java is more verbose than some of the other options and you need a lot more code and configuration to wire the boilerplate together. Enter Spring Boot. Spring Boot is about t

The New One Minute Manager

Kenneth Blanchard & Spencer Johnson ISBN-13: 978-0008128043 I'm not and have never been a people person, but I try. I am and have always been a techy. I managed teams at two different companies before I formed Naked Element. In both cases I was as green as I was cabbage looking. I had a lot to learn about managing up and down and what encourages and discourages people. Unfortunately I didn't have the best guidance either. When I want to get better at software development or Agile or something else technical, I consult experienced people to learn. In most cases, for me, this involves reading a book. So why should it be any different for people? Well, people are more complex than software development, Agile or any other tech, but that doesn't mean we can't learn from other's experience. The One Minute Manager is a book about people and how to get the best from them. It describes three practices to help. One of the best things about the book isn't just