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Which idiot said exercise was good for me?

I’ve finally done what I’ve been saying I’d do since I moved to London in September 2006. I am cycling to work! My trip to work in Norwich is somewhat further than it would have been from my flat in Wapping to Canary Wharf . One of the guys from work lives near me and also cycles in with me. The route via has house is about 5km and has quite a few steep ups and downs. The route direct from mine is slightly further but much steadier. So either way I’m doing about 50km (31 miles) a week. It’s meant to get easier and make me feel better, but I think I’m just getting quicker and I’m really glad I bought the wet weather gear! Now I just need to weight loss…..

ACCU Conference 2008

I didn't make the ACCU Conference this year for the first time since 2002. It appears that there has been some speculation as to my real reasons for not attending. As must as I would love to fuel the conspiracies, I'm afraid there's no big secret. I got married in October and shortly after moved from contracting in London back to a permanent job in Norwich. I love my wife very much and am loathed to leave her at the best of times. Also I took a sixty percent pay cut to come back to Norwich, which means things are more difficult than they were. These two factors meant that I was unable to attend. Things should be brighter next year and I hope to attend again.