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The Last Theorem

by Arthur C. Clarke & Frederik Pohl ISBN-13: 978-0007290024 I expect Arthur C. Clarke is turning in his grave. I've quite enjoyed some of his posthumous collaborations, but this novel is just plain bland. There isn't even enough tragedy to keep Steps happy, let alone the Begees and the two main tragedies are really quite sanitised and not that upsetting at all. This might be a good book for mathematicians, but there's precious little science fiction until the final third and even then not a lot. I did quite enjoy some of the politics and references to current events, such as Somali prorates, otherwise ignore this book. I won't be reading anything else by Pohl.

ACCU Mentored Developers Project: Growing Object-Orientated Software, Guided by Tests

The ACCU Mentored Developers will soon be embarking on their next big project, a read through of Growing Object-Orientated Software Guided by Tests by Nat Pryce and Steve Freeman . This will differ slightly from the tradition project structure as there are no "items" or exercises. However, most of the chapters are only 10 to 20 pages long and can therefore be read and discussed as if they are items. We're hoping to read at a pace of 2 chapters a week. Each chapter will reviewed and summarised by an allocated project member and serve as a starting point for group discussion. The project is open to all ACCU members. To take part, please sign up to the list at the link below and make yourself known: You can take part as a project member, who will be allocated at least one chapter to review or an observer, who doesn't review a chapter but is free to take part in the discussion. If you have an questions about