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SyncDevelopHER January 2014 Review

The Virgin Money lounge  in the centre of Norwich is perfect for (relatively) small gatherings like this. The thirty or so attendees, about a third of whom were women, fitted easily and comfortably. The last time I was in this room it was a clothes shop and for many years, while I was growing  up in Norwich and before they built Castle Mall, it was the main Norwich post office. It’s a room with an important heritage and hopefully that is something that Vickie Allen is building with SyncDevelopHER (with some help from Tipsy & Tumbler ). This is the third SyncDevelopHER event and Vickie lined up two great women speakers. It started off with Lily Ash Sakula who is a Partner at Bethnal Green Ventures telling us how they fund startups for three months with £15,000 in turn for a 6% share. She suggested that the technology world is probably less equal than others in many ways, that it’s bad that conference panels often only feature men and that only a tiny percentage of female fou

Room 101 & More than just a UML ORM for .NET?

What:  Room 101 & More than just a UML ORM for .NET? Where: The Forum, Norwich, NR2 1TF When: Wednesday 5th February 2014 @ 6.30pm Sign-up: Room 101 Following the success of the Software Discussion Panel , Norfolk Developers is going to try a software related Room 101 based on the BBC TV show . Three contestants will take part in three software themed rounds and offer aspects of software development that they would like to see put into Room 101. At the end of each round the host will decide which contestants suggestion to put into Room 101. The contestants will make their choices prior to the event. The categories will be: • Languages • Process • Wildcard In the wildcard round the contestants can offer up any aspect of software development to go into Room 101. Our three contestants are: • Adam Wilson • Time Stephenson • Chris Holden More than just a UML ORM for .NET?  Scott Price Ca

Norfolk Tech Journal Issue 03 Out Now!

Download now It’s hardly surprising that pretty much everyone has heard of Silicon Valley. The term has been about for over 40 years and has become synonymous with hi-tech companies. Silicon Roundabout, despite the media coverage of late, is decidedly less ubiquitous, especially outside of the UK. Silicon Broads? You’re going to draw a blank from many there. This lack of recognition is a problem for Norwich and Norfolk, one that a number of technical groups in the area are striving to address. The term Silicon Broads is just jumping on the “Silicon X” bandwagon and is never going to get the same acceptance as the original term, but I also think it’s missing the point. We don’t have chip fabrication plants in Norfolk, we have technical people, and a surprisingly large number of them. The great thing about people is that they know other people. It’s these networks that companies like Facebook and Twitter have cashed in on. Get enough people together and the potential reach throu

NorDevCon 2014 Programme Finalised

Naked Element Ltd.  is very pleased to announce that the  NorDevCon programme  has been finalised. There's a lot to choose from this year so make sure you choose before you arrive! We’ve got an amazing 25 sessions running over  5 tracks over the day. Plus an opening keynote and a closing keynote on top! Below are all the speakers and their session titles. Opening Keynote Software Apprenticeships: It’s time to get personal - Jason Gorman Closing keynote Building solid foundations - Nat Pryce and Steve Freedman Tech Track Continuous Delivery - Chris O’Dell All your types are belong to us - Phil Trelford LevelDB + Node.js - Richard Astbury Applied API Design - Jon Skeet The Architecture of Uncertainty - Kevlin Henney Agile Track Agile maturity - Avoiding the ‘process trap’ - Janet Randell Agile at unruly media - Rachel Davies 10 years of doing Behaviour Driven Development all wrong - Liz Keogh PDD the other SDLC - Dom Davis Agile and mobile - Do

MobDevCon 2014: Call for Papers

Conference:  Wednesday 9th July 2014 Submission Deadline:  14th February 2014 (email: ) Where:   The Kings Centre , Norwich (new venue for 2014) Web: If you would like to be kept up-to-date about MobDevCon, please join our email list  here  and follow MobDevCon here:  @mobdevcon .   Call for Papers & Speakers Following the sold out success of  last year’s conference ,  Naked Element Ltd.  is proud to present MobDevCon 2014, Norfolk’s Mobile Development conference. The conference will be held on Wednesday 9th of July at  The Kings Centre  in Norwich, UK. Naked Element Ltd. would like to invite proposals for sessions. The keynote speakers have already been confirmed: Mike Spradbery  Head of Mobile at IBM (@spradders) Ruth John  of TheLab at O2 Submissions should be made by the 14h February 2014 to  and include the following information: Speaker name Speaker email address Speaker pr