Saturday, 22 May 2021

PG Webhooks Tool (beta) - I want your feedback!

PG Webhooks Tool

PG Webhooks is a tool designed to help with the testing of webhooks. It allows you to receive and view messages from a webhook until you're ready to setup the server which will receive the real webhooks for your application.

Register the URL uniquely generated for you by PG Webhooks with your webhook. Fire the webhook and see the messages appear. Select each message to see the details, including the body and header.

PG Webhooks sits on a free Heroku instance so may take a few moments to start the first time you use it. It is backed by a non-persistent Redis database, so your messages are only stored temporarily.

PG Webhooks beta is very much a prototype and has plenty of rough edges. I would appreciate any feedback in the comments below. 

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