Sunday, 7 September 2014


This is my first film review for quite some time! We haven’t stopped going to see films, I’ve just been so busy with Norfolk Developers, NorDevCon and Naked Element. Hopefully normal service will resume soon!

Usually Charlotte falling asleep is the sign of a good film. However, that’s not the case with Lucy. I wouldn’t go so far as to say it was dreadful, but it certainly was awful. It’s a shame because it’s an excellent idea, it’s just very poorly executed. Scarlett Johansson does nothing for me and I feel sorry for Morgan Freeman as in my opinion his agent found him a lemon.

Some of the bits of the film didn’t fit, like why Lucy ended up in a prison cell when the rest of the mules boarded their planes for Europe and when she was on a plane later she appeared to disintegrate and then woke up in a hospital bed. It’s almost like the producers got bored halfway through and couldn’t be bothered to finish it properly. It’s rare that I think a film should be longer, but Lucy should have been and they should have worked harder to make it a good film.

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