Saturday, 13 September 2014

Norfolk Developers Publish First Ever Video!

Norfolk Developers has been filming its speakers for nearly 12 months, but never actually managed to publish a video. This has mostly been due to lack of time and skills to edit the videos and get them online. However, Naked Element and Norfolk Developers have a new recruit, Emily Crittenden who is gradually working through the backlog. Here is the first of many:

The Joy of Generators
Rupert Redington (@rupertredington)

In the near future Javascript will gain a raft of new features, amongst them generator functions. In this session we'll figure out what they are (you might already know from encounters with similar features in other languages) and explore a few surprising applications. For the most part we'll focus on using generators to flatten out asynchronous code - including an introduction to Koa, a next-generation, generator-based web-framework. The session will be illustrated with examples from a map of the UK's public loos.

Rupert ran away from the theatre to become a web developer at the turn of the century, since then he's been making mistakes at Norwich's Neontribe as fast as he can; he learns from a reasonable percentage of them. Recently he's been using Javascript to help teenagers talk to doctors, Americans to buy airline tickets and everybody to find their way to the loo.

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