Monday, 7 January 2013

Your chance to kickstart your startup career

John Fagan writes:

Think you could be the next Steve Jobs?  

Have you heard about SyncNorwich and SyncConf?  If not, you should look us up and start getting involved.  Maybe it could lead to a job working for a local company, or your future career as a tech entrepreneur!  Read on and you will find out how this could be a reality.

SyncNorwich is the Norwich based Tech and Startup community.   We meetup every month to have a beer and hear from awesome local, national and international speakers.  Topics covered include software development, startups, investing, entrepreneurism, developing ideas and much more.  The community has grown from Zero to 400+ members in 6 months.  It is a prime opportunity to learn, network and get inspired every month.  Thanks to some amazing local sponsors, all our events are free including a lot of the beer!  We’d like to increase the number of students attending our events, so it would be great to see you there.

But it does not stop there.....

SyncNorwich presents to you SyncConf 2013, a one-day Agile and Tech Conference in Norwich. Syncing local and international speakers, ideas and investors.  We have some excellent speakers from the international Agile and Tech community.  The Agile Software Development track is a one day master class from some of the leading Agile experts in UK.  The Tech track covers some interesting topics, such as Big Data, NoSQL, Graph databases, Contiguous Integration, Location API's and more.  We have speakers, from Guardian, Nokia, Alertme, the Founder of (remember them?), and more!

Even better, we have a special Student rate of £25, which is cheap as chips.  

To get your ticket go to

Now it really gets interesting...

OK, so you think you could be the next Steve Jobs?  Well, all conference profits will be invested in a local startup, here in Norwich.  Yes, that could be you.  Do you have a great idea?  If yes, we will be holding a future Dragons Den style SyncNorwich event where you can pitch for the cash.  If you win, you get the cash, simple as that.  What's the catch?  We will ask you to hand it back if you become profitable one day.  How much will it be?  It could be between £5,000 to £10,000.  The more tickets we sell the closer we will get to £10,000.  So help us promote the event, so we can make the biggest impact together.

So come along to SyncNorwich, get your SyncConf ticket, get thinking about your idea, its your future.


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