Saturday, 12 January 2013

East Anglia MongoDB User Group First Meetup Review

When I saw the advert on the 10gen site for sponsored regional meetup groups and decided to start one I thought I’d be lucky to get 10 people join the group and half that number to the meetups. Yet again, I was wrong! Despite being an advocate of the technical community in Norwich, it still takes me by surprise just how vibrant it is. As I write this the membership of the East Anglia MongoDB User Group stands at 46 and we had between 25 and 30 people come to the first meeting on Wednesday. We even had some of the regular SyncNorwich crowd from Ipswich!

I wanted to start with the big guns, so tonight we had Ross Lawley from MongoDB creators 10gen come and give us an overview of MongoDB and its features and configuration. Although the presentation was very high level, it gave just the right level of detail. At about 35 minutes it was just the right length and led to my second pleasent surprise! There was at least 20 minutes of questions from the group following the presentation. I was really pleased to get this level of interest from the group and even more pleased that everyone was able to get an indepth answer from Ross.

The Reindeer was a great venue too. Several people arrived early to eat and stayed behind afterwards. The small room they have at the back of the pub was just the right size for 30 people theatre style. Although it would be a struggle if we got any bigger.

Next time we have Trisha Gee, also from 10gen speaking to us on Wednesday 10th April. Signup here.

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