Friday, 4 January 2013


by William Gibson

ISBN: 0006480411

I read this book as it was recommended to me by a friend as a classic. I’m sure it was revolutionary in its time, but I didn't enjoy it. I found it very difficult to follow. It was suggested to me that I should sit down and try and read it all in a couple of sittings. It would probably have made more sense if I had and I may try and do that in the future.

I just didn’t warm to the main character, Case. However I don’t think you’re meant to. All the drugs references did nothing for me either. Maybe I didn’t play hard enough in my youth.  I also think software and virtual reality has come on too far for what was in the book to seem magical and new.

Unless I re-read Neuromancer and enjoy it, I won’t be reading any more William Gibson.


  1. Boo hisss, well If you did not get on with this novel then all his other works are written in the same manner. I think part of the problem is a lot of time has passed maybe. I know what you mean about software and virtual reality but was written when these things were being invented so the terminology and ideas are off.

    I do remember that it took me several readings to get the most out of the novel, but thats the way gibson writes.

    I think an another example here could be Johnny Mnemonic, the short story is good. The implementation in film is bad or at least a guilty pleasure. So interpretation is really king.

  2. I read Neuromancer last year, and thoroughly enjoyed it; I'm looking forward to reading his other books when I get a chance.

    I don't think you have to have "played hard" to empathise with Case. I felt like I understood where he was coming from, and wanted him to be OK.

    I actually found that since I read it, a lot of references to things in the computer/hacker/scifi world made a bit more sense --- this book is where many of the ideas and terminology came from.

    I recommend you take another look.