Friday, 4 January 2013

SyncLunch January 2013 - Darren Cook on Data Analysis Review

I don’t usually blog a review of the SyncNorwich lunches, but the January SyncLunch was something special, we had a speaker! Darren Cook contacted me before Christmas expressing a desire to come and speak to the group. However we didn’t have any meetings on the days he was available, so as the January lunch hadn’t been booked at that time I booked it for one of those days.

Darren Cook is a professional data analyst, software developer and entrepreneur. He is director at QQ Trends, a company that solves difficult software and data challenges for its clients. He is currently based in Tokyo, but originally from Norwich, and was in Norfolk over the holiday period this year. He talked about how eating more chocolate allows you to extract more value from your data.

Darren has a gentle engaging style that is very easy to listen to and understand. He actually spoke about how the amount of chocolate a country eats is statistically relative to the number of Nobel prizes it has. This had me baffled for a while, but was clear once Darren explained the reason for the correlation. Darren’s presentation was very interesting and entertaining. I am hoping that we can have him speak at one of our larger meetings the next time he’s in the UK.

Next month we’re moving to a new restaurant for the SyncLunches. The February SyncLunch with be on Wednesday 6th February at The Library at 1pm.

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