Friday, 11 January 2013

SyncNorwich & SyncConf on Future Radio

Yesterday lunchtime Seb Butcher and John Fagan spoke to Julie Bishop on Future Radio’s Norwich Today with Richard & Julie about SyncNorwich and the upcoming first SyncNorwich conference, SyncConf. Julie Bishop is of course SyncNorwich’s very own “Chic Geek” and was very keen to have John and Seb on the show.

John, Seb and Julie did us all proud. While Seb explained what SyncNorwich is all about and how it started, John was put on the stop a provided a brilliant off the cuff description of Agile. Julie went on the quiz John about the conference, the speakers and the future Dragon's Den event that will be used to give away the profits from the conference to a local startup later in the year.

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