Friday, 2 December 2016

Naked Element produce a more efficient client-facing web presence for Bluemoon College

Bluemoon Investigations are a long established company, specialising in covert inquiries for both public and private concerns. From providing evidence to the court in cases of fraud, to tailing cheating spouses across the globe, Bluemoon have had over thirty years experience in getting to the truth. They also run a College training people how to become professional private investigators. They came to Naked Element with a desire to have a better and more efficient client-facing web presence for the College.

Online marketing agency Clark St. James had been working with Will Clayton, Director of Bluemoon, to improve their web search rating, and recommended Naked Element to him for a new website. “Our old website wasn’t branded, slow and not working for us, we needed a whole new design to improve communication, speed and our web presence to potential business.” Our designer Shelley took on the challenge and worked closely with Will to get the result Bluemoon wanted. “The process was easy and straightforward – Shelley made design suggestions, and we approved those we liked, and the build was quick and painless! We’ve received prompt help and support for the small changes we’ve requested since the site went live too. There were some style changes I wanted to make, which Shelley explained could be difficult, but Naked Element worked hard to resolve them and give me what I wanted.”

The result is a responsive website that welcomes potential clients and provides Bluemoons’ service details in a clear and user-friendly way. From Shelley’s point of view the process was mostly plain sailing. “The only challenge I had was super tiny – it was to do with text layout on one page. Most people approach web design like magazine design (which has a fixed size and layout), so they assume you can be pixel perfect. Due to different screen sizes, that’s not always possible, but there are always workarounds so it was a case of trying to get the right balance across all screen sizes.”

“Will can be a bit of a perfectionist, which is really nice actually – he’s not at all picky but is great at noticing detail. Working with him was nothing but a pleasure.” And from Will’s point of view? “I haven’t had to be involved much with Naked Element in all honesty – the whole process has been painless and relatively easy, which is exactly how it should be.”

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