Saturday, 27 July 2013

The World's End

Simon Pegg is a nostalgia genius. He was clearly into all of the same things I was as a teenager. This is probably why he makes such appealing films. And you just have to love the Sisters of Mercy.

The World’s End is simply fantastic. Simon Pegg’s character, Gary King is dressed as Andrew Eldritch throughout the film until the last scene where he seems to have transitioned into Carl McCoy. I knew absolutely nothing about the film until I sat down to watch it. The first few scenes are rather ploddy and you’re clearly meant to hate Gary King and I did. Then the twist in the plot kicks in and it goes at about 100 miles an hour. What more could you ask for in a film that has an ex-Bond and an ex-Bond girl? Bill Nighy of course! And he’s in there right at the end.

If you were a teenager in the 90s, you’ll love this film and all the references. If you liked Simon Pegg’s other films and Spaced, you’ll love this. If you weren’t a teenager in the 90s and you didn’t like Simon Pegg’s other films, go and see this anyway! Did I mention it was fantastic? Oh, and Nick Frost is incredible too. Even Martin Freeman, who  I really don’t like, was rather good.

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