Wednesday, 10 July 2013

Little Miss Geek: Bridging the Gap Between Girls and Technology

by Belinda Parmer

ISBN: 978-0957389809

I don’t usually read this sort of book, but a friend of mine has started a group focused on equality in IT called SyncDevelopHER and I am keen to understand the issues that women in our industry face.

Although I didn’t get on well with the style of the book and felt that it was a little verbose and repetitive in places, also the images did nothing for me, especially on a kindle, I did feel it helped me understand some of the reasons there aren’t many women in IT and, more importantly, why we want more women IT. It also has some good suggestions for ways of getting more women into IT, although these were very much focused on large organisations. There weren’t any suggestions for start-ups or SME (Small and Medium sized Enterprises), who face very different problems.

If you do want an insight, this book is certainly a good place to start. Also, at only 192 pages and a lot of images and single statements on a page, it’s an easy and fast read.

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