Sunday, 28 July 2013


Keeping children happy over the summer holidays can be extremely expensive. However, we are very, very lucky in Norwich for so many reasons. In Norwich this summer there are 53 large  gorillas and 67 small gorillas painted up in lots of different ways and a map so you can find them all. Each gorilla has a name, a number (but it is a free gorilla!) and a letter. If you enter the letter from each gorilla into the the circle that corresponds to its number on the map they make a sentence.  Once you’ve completed the sentence you can send your map off to be entered into a competition. This has kept me and my family busy for a large part of the weekend. The gorillas are being auctioned on the 3rd of October.

Although most of the gorillas are in the very centre of Norwich and within the old city walls, there are a few slightly further out. Following the map and finding all the gorillas will show you just what an amazing and beautiful city we have.

As I write this we’ve seen about ⅔ of the large GoGoGorillas. Some yesterday and some today. You can keep up with our progress on my facebook page.

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