Thursday, 1 August 2013

Norfolk Tech Journal Needs You!

Locally it has been well known for over a year now that Norfolk is teeming with technology companies and has a thriving tech community. It has everything from startups to SMEs and even a few large firms. Groups like Hot Source and SyncNorwich have helped promote technology in Norfolk and have done an astoundingly good job of forming the tech community and bringing it together with the business community. Now it’s time to tell the world about technology in Norfolk and the fabulous companies and community groups that the county boasts

Together with Naked Element Ltd., the tech group Norfolk Developers wants to produce a monthly tech online journal, backed-up by a website and a small paper copy distribution. Within its pages you will find reviews of each of the local groups’ events and details of their upcoming events. You will find news about local tech companies and how they are working together with each other and the local community groups. You will also find technical and business based articles and other related news from around the county. And you will find the latest tech jobs from specially selected recruitment agents.

How can you help? We already have one potential editor, but it’s a big job and we need more! Could you help edit the Norfolk Tech Journal? We need a team of reviewers who regularly attend one or more of the local community groups (Hot Source, SyncNorwich, Norfolk Developers, Norfolk Indie Game Developers, Norwich Ruby Users Group, SyncDevelopHer, The Norfolk Network, etc). We need people to engage with and gather news and stories from local businesses. We need web developers and designers. We need sponsors, including tech companies and recruitment agencies to give us the small amount of money we need to get the paper copies far and wide.

Can you lend us just a few hours a month to help put Norfolk on the map as a tech centre? If so, or you would like to find out more or help in other ways, please drop an email to

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