Friday, 8 June 2012

The Last Agile East Anglia

Last night was a very special night. It was the final and best Agile East Anglia event for the foreseeable future. It took place in a new venue, the Hog in Amour and for the first time we had the presentation and were able to socialise in the same room. This seemed to go down very well with the 30 or so attendees who had come from as far away as Cambridge and Ipswich.

We had a simply incredible speaker Liz Keogh speak about Behavior Driven Development (BDD). Ifftner Solutions have a writeup of the content here and Smart421 have another here. Liz’s style is very engaging and extremely charismatic.  I am hoping she’ll come back and speak for SyncNorwich. Liz's slides are available here. During the presentation Liz mentioned some books you should read: 

Waltzing with Bears
The Mythical Man Month
The Goal
Managing the Design Factory

As well as the usual and greatly appreciated venue and drinks sponsorship from Smart421, 3sixty provided £30 of John Lewis vouchers for one lucky winner  as incentive to complete a short survey which yielded some very useful information about what the attendees would like to see at future events. I’ll be publishing the results as soon as I have them.

Although this was the final Agile East Anglia event, Agile events will continue in Norwich under the name SyncNorwich. I would like to thank you all for the phenomenal support you’ve given me and Agile East Anglia over the past 7 months. I would especially like to thank Smart421 for the sponsorship that allowed me to provide venues I could bring speakers too. The first SyncNorwich event is on the 5th of July and I’m looking forward to seeing you all there.

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