Wednesday, 13 June 2012

Android 101

Tonight I was back at the Garden House for the final Norwich Developers Community event. It was an Android presentation given by Steve Pengilley. Of course Norwich Developers Community has already been renamed SyncNorwich, so really it's an underground event! Even so there were a good ten of us there tonight.

For a first time speaker, Steve is superbly confident. I suspect it’s because he’s a teacher! He started off by walking us through the Eclipse install of the necessities for Android phone development and described the virtual tools used to test for lots of different Android phones. He was ably demonstrating in depth knowledge of the development environment and had clearly spent a lot of time researching best practice.

I love seeing applications developed from scratch, from a completely blank IDE, so I wasn't disappointed when Steve created a brand new application called SyncNorwich! It turned out to be an application that uses GPS to find your location. And then there was code! I really like code!

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