Sunday, 4 August 2013

The Wolverine Review

I’ve seen all but one of the other X-Men films and The Wolverine isn’t one of the best, but it is very enjoyable. However, it's time they made a film about a different character. It’s a bit slow to get going, but then it’s action all the way once it does. Rila Fukushima is the clear star of this film for me. She’s fantastic. All the best lines and great moves. The red hair and stripes are just incredible.

I kicked myself after the twist, because I should have seen it coming. Also when the robot is draining Logan of his gift and then Hal is defeated by Mariko there is no explanation of how Logan recovers his gift or for the bone like blades that come from his knuckles soon after.

3D still does nothing for me and makes action scenes very difficult to follow. Although towards the end I did manage to forget I was wearing the glasses. Until of course I realised I’d forgotten I was wearing the glasses.

There is a false ending, so make sure you stay in your seat until the credits start to scroll up.

VUE in Norwich is an awful cinema. The foyer is too warm and the seats very uncomfortable. The only positive I can say about it is that the surround sound appears to be an improvement over the Odeon and Hollywood.

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  1. Is the film you haven't seen X-Men:Origins Wolverine?

    The "bone-like blades" are just his natural bone claws. The Adamantium is bonded on to his skeleton, but wouldn't regrow naturally, so when the blades are cut off only his natural claws regrow.

    It's not explained how Logan's gift could be transferred to another anyway, so his instant recovery isn't too far-fetched. I just figured that the robot somehow used Logan's bone marrow to help regenerate Yashido, which was why they needed to cut off the Adamantium claws -- not only are they nasty weapons, but having removed them let them drill into his bone where they were cut off.

    I thought this was one of the better films we've seen recently. Certainly better than Man of Steel. Wolverine has a lot more depth as a character than many other mutant/superhero characters, and Hugh Jackman plays him well. That said, I agree that Yukio was a great character and well-acted.