Saturday, 8 October 2016

Naked Element’s software for Fountain reduces processing time by 95%

Fountain Partnership Limited are a digital marketing company based in Norwich, established in 2008. With a team of experts, Fountain are able to identify a company’s growth opportunities and build a customised strategy for the best results and command market share. Their strategies drive browsers to client’s websites, increasing opportunities to convert browsers into customers and then increase customer value by testing and measuring. In order to do this, they specialise in the optimization of search engines and conversion rates, as well as pay per click advertising. In order to do this, Fountain uses a combination of pay-per-click advertising, search engine optimisation and conversion rate optimisation.

The problem Fountain were faced with was a time consuming one. When advertisements needing changing or updating it was a painstaking process. They had to upload a new set of adverts from a spreadsheet, going through each one manually to pause all of the old adverts in order to make room for the new ones. it would take days in some cases.

“What was taking 20 hours of work is only now taking an hour.”

Naked Element were chosen to build a script which would allow Fountain to manage one of their largest clients in Google AdWords, saving time and ultimately money. This particular client currently had 75 individual accounts. What the Fountain team were doing to update these was logging into an account, creating the new adverts, then log out of that account, then log into the next one 75 times over!

So what was Naked Element’s solution? In simple terms a script was created that allowed the user to specify AdWords accounts, campaigns and ad groups and then to enter a search, replacing each with a phrase or word. When running, the script would look through all of the ad groups in the campaigns specified and would copy the ads found with the search phrase, update the field with the updated phrase and pause the previous ads.

For example: A client has a campaign called ‘Car Sales’ with three ad groups – blue, red and black. Within those groups there are ads with the description “newest model”. The search phrase “newest model” is entered, followed by the update phrase “drive away today” and the script is run. All of the previous ads with “newest model” will be paused and replaced with the new ads containing the phrase “drive away today”.

“By developing this software to improve process efficiency, Naked Element has saved us four weeks worth of work per year!” said Laura Jennings, Strategic Director at Fountain. “The script they built us is saving up to 95% of our processing time. What was taking 20 hours of work is now only taking an hour – a big saving. ” When software produces such immediate benefits, the advantages are clear.

“The process of working with Naked Element was really straightforward, they tried hard to extract the correct information from us. Lewis, the developer, came out to see us several times. Documentation was also really easy to understand.” The only issue Fountain had was during the creation of the script, as it didn’t always work quite as expected. “However Lewis was quick to identify and resolve the problems. It was never too much trouble to sort out an issue and assistance was always available via telephone.”

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