Tuesday, 26 November 2013

Help needed marketing the Norfolk Tech Journal

The second issue of the Norfolk Tech Journal is due out in the middle of next week. The website is attracting about 50 to 150 views a day (during the working week). We have a single paying advertiser and a significant production and printing overhead.

I need to increase the views (ideally 1000+ per day) and the number of advertisers and I am looking for some help. A marketeer of the required scale I am not. There are lots of marketing agencies in Norwich and I am hoping that some of you are prepared to help me. In return I can offer advertising and features in the journal and I’m happy to discuss other ways I or one of my projects may be able to help you in return.

If you’re interested in helping market the Norfolk Tech Journal, please drop me a line: paul@nakedelement.co.uk.

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