Sunday, 30 June 2013

SyncIpswich June 2013 Review

It’s clear from the comments on the SyncIpswich website and the buzz at the events that the local community feel a great deal of affection for the group. That’s exactly how it should be, just like it is with SyncNorwich and I am immensely proud to have been involved with the founding of both.

The latest event on Thursday 27th of June was a great deal of fun and exceptionally interesting. I learned a lot. It started off with Vickie Allen who told us about SyncDevelopHER, a group she’s starting in Norwich to promote women in IT. This is the third time I’ve seen the presentation and she gets better each time. Tonight she had it finely tuned. It always gets the same warm reception and the same question. To find out what that question is and to see if it can be answered, go along to the first SyncDevelopHER event in October.

Next up Ross Scrivener told us about his one man startup 365project, which is a photograph community website that encourages its members to take and upload a photo every day. He’s been on a fascinating journey, but the most surprising, and for me puzzling thing about it all is that he seems to have absolutely no interest in making any serious money from it. It seems a shame.

The final speaker was Justin Bowser, co-owner and Head of Online Business at HTK, a local Ipswich company. He told us about his company’s experience with offshoring. This is something I’ve gained a lot of experience with over the last 18 months and I relished the opportunity to discuss it in an open forum.

Carl Farmer is doing some fantastic work with SyncIpswich. Long may it continue.

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