Monday, 4 February 2013

Mobile Dev Conference in Norwich

SyncConf is less that two weeks away and already I am wondering what I am going to do to fill the void it will leave. There is only so much planning for next year that can be done straight away.

It was suggested on Facebook that I should plan another conference and Stephen Pengilley inspired me to think about a mobile development conference in Norwich. A quick tweet at the weekend on the subject resulted in at least 10 people interested in less than 12 hours. That’s a pretty good response rate for my tweets and certainly enough to consider taking the idea further. So what I am thinking is this:

  • Norwich in July
  • Cross platform keynote
  • Separate iPhone & Android tracks
  • Introductory and intermediate sessions as well as a workshop in each track.
  • Cross track introduction to cross platform development (e.g. Titanium)
  • iPhone vs Android panel discussion to close

These are just my initial ideas. I’ll need to firm something up quite quickly to meet the July deadline. I’m very keen to get suggestions, especially for speakers. Is there someone in particular you would like to see? Leave a comment or email me:


  1. I'm happy to do something on Titanium Mobile or anything else if you want, and can probably help out with sponsorship and other bits too if required.
    ~ Boydlee

  2. That's brilliant, thank you! You were on my list already to ask about titanium. Help with sponsorship would be fantastic too. Will drop you an email later today.