Monday, 25 February 2013

A Good Day To Die Hard

I think this is the only Die Hard film I’ve seen at the cinema. I’m not a huge Die Hard fan, but I do like a good action flick as long as it has some story. On this occasion I was quite pleased to find that is was only 90 minutes. I quite enjoyed it. There were some great action scenes, as you would expect, but most of them just to far fetched to be believable. I know Mercedes build their cars well, but I just can’t believe one of their 4x4s would actually trouble an armoured car too much just by knocking into it.  The Russian bad guys were great! It’s a shame there wasn’t more of them and the brief appearance of the one that looked like Billy Idol was comical. If you've nothing better to do for a couple of hours one evening, see it. Otherwise wait for the blu-ray.

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