Sunday, 13 November 2011


O2 Academy Birmingham
Saturday 12th November 2011

The last time I was a the Academy in Birmingham was February two years ago for Lamb of God and Dimmu Borgir. Both were very good, but the people there were rude and inconsiderate. Last night was very, very different. Lots of friendly people and the staff were great. In fact London venues have a lot to learn.

Opeth did not play a single song that I would have asked for! Having resisted the urge to play their new album all the way through, they instead opted for a more progressive, less death metal approach, playing both some new and old songs. There's was no Blackwater Park and no Daemon of the Fall. Mikael Ã…kerfeldt was on fine form. Talking to the audience for long periods between songs, even getting the audience to participate in a Napalm Death cover. I loved it! Can't wait to see them again.

The Devil's Orchard
I Feel The Dark
Face of Melinda
Porcelain Heart (with drum solo)
The Throat of Winter
You Suffer (Napalm Death cover)
You Suffer (Napalm Death cover)
You Suffer (Napalm Death cover)
You Suffer (Napalm Death cover)
A Fair Judgement
Hex Omega

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