Thursday, 9 June 2011

Working Effectively with Legacy Code Project

The ACCU Mentored Developers have recently started a project based on Working effectively With legacy Code (ISBN: 978-0131177055) by Michael Feathers. The project members are reading about a chapter a week, starting on Monday 13th June 2011. Each week a project member will publish a review of a chapter and the group will discuss the chapter and the review on an email distribution list. This all happens under the watchful eye of the book's author, Michael Feathers.

The project is only open to ACCU members, but you can join very cheaply and there are other benefits including an ACCU Conference discount and journals. The project schedule can be viewed here and project distribution list is here.


  1. When I first read the title my first thought was, "finally! Code Project is considered Legacy!"

  2. Yep, something similar occurred to me soon after I wrote it. It was too good an implication to change thought!