Tuesday, 28 June 2011

Fallen Dragon

by Peter F. Hamilton
ISBN: 978-0330480062

This is the first Peter F. Hamilton book I have read. It's a big book and proper science fiction. I liked it a lot. In fact bits of it I thoroughly enjoyed. However, it's nothing special and really quite predictable. Although I didn't see the final little twist right at the end coming. From what I had heard I expected a bit more from Peter F. Hamilton, but I will certainly be reading his other books.

The characters are superb. I really related to them, especially the young Laurence when he met, loved and lost Roslyn. I spent the whole book wanting him to get her back. I won't tell you if he did or not. I found Laurence's disgust at the idea of real food interesting on a couple of levels. First there is all the aversion to processed food in modern society and then I remembers the children in James Follett's Earth Search entering puberty when they finally stopped eating the processed food provided by the Angels.

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