Sunday, 29 June 2008

Double Disappointment

Continuing our love of live Comedy, Charlotte and I went to see Double Header at the Norwich Play House last night:

"Hattie Hayridge and Norman Lovett both starred as the face of the computer in the incredibly popular and cult TV series Red Dwarf.

"2008 is the twentieth anniversary of the program hitting the UK television screens; in celebration of this Hattie and Norman come together on stage for the very first time, creating a unique comedy evening. Although the show will feature their own inimitable stand up routines, they will also discuss their association with the poplar TV show, and fans will be able to ask them questions related everything that is Red Dwarf."

With the exception of a few brief moments, neither comic actually had anything funny to say individually. Normal Lovett was obsessed with Football, that turned off at least half the audience, and polythene bags.

It got a lot better when they were both on stage together, although Norman did dominate rather and Hattie seemed happy to let him. They were both doing their individual Holly styles throughout the show and unfortunately I just don't think it works outside of Red Dwarf. They certainly don't stand-up (excuse the pun) next to the modern comics.

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