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Winter Is Coming - Part 4

In this, the fourth part of Winter Is Coming we take a look at three more sessions from next year’s NorDevCon. Tickets for NorDevCon on Friday the 28th of February 2014 are on sale now! You can buy your ticket by following the link below:

XP at Unruly

Unruly is the leading global platform for social video marketing. Founded in 2006, we now have 11 offices and employ over 125 people globally including Germany. We've been applying eXtreme Programming (XP) from the start and that's still a core part of how we develop our software products. As our company and customer base has grown, we've had to figure out how to shape user stories and make plans with stakeholders spread across US and Europe. We also have grown our tech team so we can continue to develop new product offerings with rich user-experience while improving our underlying infrastructure to handle a growing amount of traffic and data. Come to this session to hear about how we use XP and where we've had to make adjustments to adapt to scale.

Rachel Davies

Rachel is co-author of the first "Agile Coaching" book and works as Agile Coach at Unruly Media, the leading global platform for social video marketing. Internationally recognised and presenting at industry conferences worldwide, Rachel started out working as a software developer and has been an agile practitioner since 2000 applying a range of agile methods including XP, SCRUM, Lean/Kanban, and DSDM. Follow Rachel on Twitter @rachelcdavies.


Created by software consultant Jon Jagger cyber-dojo is the world's simplest non-development environment! In a cyber-dojo you practice by going slower and focusing on improving rather than finishing.

What is cyber-dojo? 
cyber-dojo is an online browser-based coding dojo. Each group:

  • writes their code and tests inside a web browser 
  • presses their run-tests button to submit their code and tests to the cyber-dojo server 
  • the server saves the submission, runs the tests, and returns the test-outcome to the browser as a traffic light: red if one or more tests failed, amber if the tests could not be run (eg syntax error), green if all the tests passed
  • a dashboard shows the traffic light history of all groups. Click on any traffic light to open a diff-view of that submission
  • start a new practice session from any diff-view

Why cyber-dojo? 
Jon built cyber-dojo to promote deliberate practice of:

  • test driven software development, and
  • team dynamics and collaboration

Jon strongly believes that if you practice coding using your normal development environment then you are likely to be drawn into an unhelpful "completion" mindset.

Practising in a cyber-dojo helps to combat this tendency since a cyber-dojo is so obviously not your normal development environment!

Practising in a cyber-dojo helps you to concentrate on the practice. Practising in a cyber-dojo helps you concentrate on improvement. Find out more here: Read about Cyber-dojo here: Try it out here:

* * Participation in CyberDojo requires a laptop per pair. Please bring your own laptops * *

Jon Jagger

Jon Jagger is 2E years old (hex). He's loved software since he was 10 (dec). He runs his own software consultancy specializing in practice, people, process, agility, test driven development, and complex-adaptive systems-thinking. He built to promote deliberate practice for software developers. He's worked with Accenture, Aviva, Cisco, Ericsson, Friends Provident, HP, Microsoft, Opera, Ordnance Survey, RBS, Reuters, Renault F1, Schlumberger, Tandberg and many many more. If you don't like his work he won't invoice you. He's the ex ECMA TG2 C# convenor. He's the current ACCU conference chairman. He's had some C# books published. He's married to the beautiful Natalie, and proud father of Ellie, Penny and Patrick. He loves freshwater river fishing. He live in Somerset, England. On twitter he's @JonJagger.

The Microsoft Cloud OS Data platform

The Microsoft Cloud OS Data platform enables high performance, insight rich solutions to be delivered securely across private, hosted and public cloud infrastructures. This session will cover the new capabilities being delivered in SQL Server, SQL Server PDW and HDInsight in the first half of 2014.

Anthony Saxby

Anthony is responsible for the Information and Data platform business for Microsoft UK. This role covers the product marketing and business management for Microsoft SQL Server, Microsoft HDInsight and Microsoft Biztalk Server. Anthony has been at Microsoft for 19 years and prior to his current role was Practice Manager for Microsoft’s Architecture and Planning consulting team. Anthony has 25 years experience in the software and IT Services industry and has worked on large projects in Retail, Financial Services and Government, covering application areas ranging from B2C Commerce solutions in the Financial Services industry through to large scale Integration projects in the Government sector.


There are 50 Super Early Bird tickets at £50 + fees and 450 Early Bird tickets at £75 + fees. We are offering significant discounts for students and the unemployed. Please email for details. There are 80 places for the conference dinner (3 courses, 2 glasses of wine and speakers!) and tickets are £35 + fees. The Virgin Wines reception is free to attend for conference attendees and there are 80 places.

Tickets are on sale now:

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