Sunday, 30 June 2013

NorDev1 Review: Liz Keogh: Lean vs. Agile: Fight! & Phil Trelford: F# eye for the C# guy

Norwich is a beautiful city. Especially when viewed from the top of St. James' Mill, the venue for the latest group for technologists in Norwich, Norfolk Developers. Norfolk Developers complements the existing tech community and peels back the high level going straight to the heart of software development practices and processes. It aims to bring local, national and international speakers and workshops to Norwich.

On Wednesday evening we made a pretty good start with Norwich favorite and regular Liz Keogh who came from London and Phil Trelford from Ely (Ely can of course be considered nation or local, depending on your point of view). So all we need to work on now is an international speaker!

I love it when Liz keogh comes to speak in Norwich! I first brought her here in June last year for the final Agile East Anglia and then in February of this year for SyncConf. What’s even better is that Liz seems to love coming to see us too and I have plans for her to come back in February. As always Liz was sensational and highly entertaining, even though there were some very important lessons to learn about Agile and lean. I’m not going to tell you who wins the fight because I know Liz wants to use the presentation elsewhere.

I saw Phil Trelford do F# eye for the C# guy before in Cambridge and wished at the time that we could do presentations at that technical level in Norwich. And now we can! In fact we have. Phil has a vast wealth of knowledge of F#, topped only by his enthusiasm for it. The presentation was the same format, a few slides and then lots and lots of code! However this time I was very inspired to install Visual Studio and getting hacking in F#.


  1. "However this time I was very inspired to install Visual Studio and getting hacking in F#."

    Interesting. What changed?

    1. I was wondering that. Last year the syntax hit me straight away as ugly. This time around it just looked so right. I suspect it was the little bit of Ruby I did last year that changed my mind.