Wednesday, 13 February 2013

Out of Sync

It’s amazing what time off with your family makes you think about. When my middle son Nathaniel was born I took the usual two weeks paternity leave. They say having children changes you and the way you feel about things and it’s true. I realised then that the job I was doing at the time wasn’t doing me or my family any good, so I decided to go and do something else.

I had a similar think over Christmas. When I looked back on 2012 I saw all the amazing things we achieved with Agile East Anglia and SyncNorwich and felt an immense amount of pride. I also looked forward to the things I want to achieve with Naked Element and SyncConf in 2013. A couple of things occurred to me. I’d already decided that I wouldn’t be doing any speaking in 2013 in order to give me time to work on Naked Element (although it now looks like I’ll be doing a gig in September) and when I considered everything, giving as much time to SyncNorwich, Naked Element, SyncConf and of course my family as they deserve was going to be difficult. Something had to go. So I looked at everything and what stood out was the strength of the SyncNorwich team and I felt that SyncNorwich could continue to go from strength to strength without me in the very capable hands of John Fagan, Seb Butcher and Juliana Meyer.

Over Christmas I took the extremely difficult decision to leave the SyncNorwich team and now seems the right time to go public. I’ll still be organising SyncConf for the foreseeable future and helping to start new SyncCity groups like SyncIpswich. You’ll even see me at SyncNorwich events. I hope you will all give John, Seb and Juliana as much support as you have given me over the last twelve months.


  1. Well down on making a touch, but good, decision.
    I hope it works out well.
    Any word on who the new pope will be?

  2. I don't know, but if it's me no one will be more surprised.