Sunday, 9 September 2012

Total Recall

I’ve heard lots of bad things about this film and none of them are true. It was great, all the way through! It’s true that it doesn’t follow the majority of the plot from the original film, but then it doesn’t need the original film to prop it up either. This is a remake, not a sequel. There are plenty of references to the original. Kate Beckinsale is fantastic and beautiful throughout. I know what memories I would go to Recall for! It’s just a shame she’s dead at the end, but then there isn’t  a setup for a sequel either. The plot moves along nicely and the action and chase scenes are really good. There are quite a few places when a hail of bullets or a fall from a great height should have killed Quaid and Melina. I was disappointed that all Cohaagan wanted to do was take over the colony, surely something more exciting could have been thought of. Bill Nighy was of course brilliant, if brief.  This film lives up to its trailer, go and see it! Now, if someone could just cast Kate and Claudia Black in the same film next year I would be a very happy man!

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