Friday, 28 September 2012

My First Hot Source

I became aware of Hot Source shortly after I setup Agile East Anglia a year ago (!!). Hot Source is a fantastic name for a group! When SyncNorwich came along 6 months later I saw Hot Source as a potential competitor. Last night was the first opportunity I've had in all that time to attend a Hot Source event and I couldn't have been more wrong. Hot Source is a fantastic name, but it is not a competitor for SyncNorwich. We can exist and indeed complement each other in the same space and last night we took the first steps by discussing how we could promote each other's events. I am hoping there will be a SyncNorwich presentation at Hot Source very soon.

I am not a designer. In fact my startup is currently trying out designers for future collaboration. Hot Source is where the creative people in the design space hang out. There were some people from SyncNorwich there, but very few and most were the usual Norwich networking crowd. The speakers were good and it was interesting to learn about the new local TV station that's coming in October and the other TV and media related products that are going on in Norwich.

I'll be back in November for the next talkie.

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