Tuesday, 18 September 2012

Cerebral Bore, Revocation, Job For A Cowboy and Dying Fetus

Last night Cerebral Bore, Revocation, Job For A Cowboy and Dying Fetus all played in the studio (the little upstairs room) at the Waterfront in Norwich. I couldn’t understand why until I saw the size of the crowd. It was tiny and mostly young enough to be my children! This was just one of many ways I felt old this evening.

I’ve wanted to see Cerebral Bore [8] for a long time! I missed them at Bloodstock last year because I couldn’t go! It’s unusual to find a death metal band with a female vocalist (I said unusual! I know there are a few!) and Simone “Som” Pluijmers is just superb. The only shame is that the band didn’t have a good PA sound, but they were tight and I would have liked them to play longer. The vocals live are just as powerful as on the album. The highlight of the evening was when I met Som!

Revocation [7] were completely new to me. I spent quite a while trying to work out if they were a thrash band or a death metal band. Either way they were very good. There was certainly some Slayer and some Metallica in their sound, as well as some some traditional death metal. I’ll be getting some albums by them sooner or later.

Job For A Cowboy [6] are just, Job For A Cowboy. Like marmite you either love them or hate them. They’re a great band musically. Most people are turned off them because they got big on the internet. They don’t have a great stage presence or a great live sound, but they were still quite good. Better than when they headlined with Whitechapel.

Dying Fetus [6] are ok. They certainly had the best PA sound. I only bought one of their albums as I knew they were headlining when Cerebral Bore were playing and I wasn’t overly impressed. Live they were much better, but I only caught half their set due to someone elses’ inability to hold their alcohol.

It’s time Som and the boys got their second album out really. So glad they came to Norwich though.

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