Friday, 28 September 2012

ACCU London September 2012 from where I was

I normally complain about what a long way it is from Norwich to London for just an evening. On this occasion it was even more so as I was speaking in Ealing (West London)! This is the first time I've spoken at ACCU London for quite a while as I didn't make it down for my usual pre-ACCU-conference slot. I really enjoyed myself! The venue on this occasion was 1e Ltd on Uxbridge Road and my host was Ed Sykes, who did a great job of organising beer and pizza, a great audience and a live broadcast. I still don't know if anyone was watching! Either way the Walking Skeleton seemed to be well received and sparked lots of very interesting conversation. All to soon though it was time to had for the tube and the long slog back to Norwich.

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