Sunday, 21 March 2021

Red Rebel Day: Did you know that 1 in 10 women can’t afford sanitary protection?

When Neelam Sultan asked me to support RedRebelDay I was keen to do what I could. It’s what you do when someone asks. It’s what I like to do when someone asks.

Then I attended the ‘ambassadors’ briefing, where a heavy emphasis was put on telling people what Period Poverty means to you. As a man this was quite daunting, especially as until recently the subject was still quite taboo for me. Especially as at least one of my former employees took great delight, and still does, in telling me when she had her period just to see the uncomfortable look on my face. What got me over it? Attending a Zoom call with 100+ women and a handful of men who were all talking very openly about periods and the problems 1 in 10 women face in affording sanitary protection.

Beyond the facts, that still didn’t help me understand what Period Poverty really means, let alone what it means to me. Then someone on the call described not being able to go to work or go to school or about your everyday life for a few days every month because you couldn’t afford something as simple as a sanitary product. This struck home for me, because I take being able to do these things for granted and I know how it feels when something beyond my control stops me from doing something I want to do. This is what Period Poverty means to me.

Will you help women live their lives in the way they deserve by donating to Red Rebel Day today? I have: 


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