Friday, 22 April 2016

Norfolk Developers brings Virtual Reality and the Final Frontier to West Norfolk

What: NorDev West Norfolk: Space, the final frontier & Designing for room scale VR

When: Wednesday, May 11, 2016, 6:30pm to 9:30pm

Where: Heacham Manor Hotel, Hunstanton Road, PE31 7JX

How much: FREE


Norfolk Developers are trying a number of meetups outside of Norwich. Come along and find out more about NorDev at our first West Norfolk meetup!

Space, the final frontier 
Dom Davis (@idomdavis)

So we can send a spaceship 4.6 billion kilometres to rendezvous with something that's only a few kilometres big, but we still can't strip spaces from telephone numbers. In a world where computers can beat humans at Go there are still some fundamentals we can't seem to get right. In this talk we're going to look at a few of these and ask "why are they so hard?"

Dom Davis

Dom Davis is a veteran of The City and a casualty of The Financial Crisis. Not content with bringing the world to its knees he then went off to help break the internet before winding up in Norfolk where he messes about doing development and devops. Dom has been writing code since his childhood, sometime in the last millennium – he hopes some day to become good at it.

Designing for room scale VR experiences 
Richard Bang (@FreekstormUK)

With the arrival of the first consumer virtual reality headsets the world of computer interaction and gaming is experiencing large changes in the way that we handle the Human/Computer Interface. Old rules get thrown away, new rules are discovered. The world has suddenly changed.

What are the challenges we face as we move from a world of the flat screen into the world of immersive virtual reality?

Richard Bang

Richard has been a self-confessed computer geek for over 30 years and has been obsessed with gaming for as long as he can remember. He designed and sold his first computer game “The Key of Asmar” at the tender age of 14 and after mostly gaming his way through a Physics degree, he was seduced by the Dark Side and entered the heady world of business software, whereupon he built his own successful software company and designed one of the world’s leading email software suites.

Despite this exciting career in internet communication software, he always wanted to create computer games again. So in 2008 he decided to do just that, and thus Freekstorm was born.

When he is not polishing his alter-ego, the dastardly Doctor Kvorak, our resident genius likes to play games and make short indie films, largely because he’s a big kid at heart.

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