Thursday, 24 July 2014

MobDevCon 2014 Survey

As many of you know, this year’s MobDevCon had to be cancelled just weeks away from the conference. We wanted to release a statement to let those that had reserved tickets for the conference and were looking forward to the conference following on from the huge success of last year’s MobDevCon 2013, know the reason behind the event being cancelled. Unfortunately, even after extending the early bird tickets at reduced prices, and the sale of tickets for a further working week, there were only 10 paying delegates confirmed to attend. Add to this the sponsors, speakers and organisers this figure did rise to 40 people however we wanted to protect our relationships with the confirmed sponsors and it’s important to us to deliver on our promises. Having predicted around 100 paying delegates we felt that this would not present our sponsors with a fair return on their sponsorship investments. The low numbers of paying delegates also meant that the revenue generated from the conference would not cover its breakeven point and proved to be an unfeasible proposition for  Naked Element Ltd. to undertake.

As we’ve mentioned last year’s conference was a resounding success and we’d like to hear from you, as past attendees or members of the mobile development community, how we can make the conference a success once more and try to address the reasons behind poor ticket sales. We’ve had fantastic feedback from previous conferences and have the passion and commitment to bring the latest in mobile developments to the area and feel that there’s still life in our Mobile Development Conferences.

We would really appreciate if you would take just 1 minute out of your day to answer our questionnaire. All responses will be anonymous unless you specify otherwise and responses will be held in strict confidence. We will be taking your valuable feedback into account when organising future conferences and this will enable us to deliver what you want, how and when you want it.

Complete the questionnaire:

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