Wednesday, 23 October 2013

You Can't Win Them All

Since I started Agile East Anglia in December 2011 I am very happy to say that everything I’ve been involved with (SyncNorwich, Norfolk Developers, SyncConf, East Anglia MongoDB User’s Group, MobDevCon etc) has been very successful. We’ve built it and they’ve come, but my run of good luck had to end sometime and almost two years is a pretty good run.

It would appear that now is not the right time for C# Training in Norwich. Naked Element Ltd. has sold a single place out of a eighteen places, with a required minimum of sixteen places and the trainer has found some other solid work for the same week. Therefore it is with a lot of disappointment that I have been forced to cancel the training (the one place sold has of course been fully refunded).

They say these things come in threes (although I’m not really in anyway superstitious). Along side the training, I also had a poor turnout to my session at Agile Cambridge and we had to move the Norfolk Developers hack day as we couldn’t pull all the groundwork together in time. I’m hoping this is my three and (I know, I said I wasn’t superstitious) and the Norfolk Tech Journal will continue to grow and NorDevCon, next year’s MobDevCon and the rescheduled hack day will be a resounding success.

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