Sunday, 25 November 2012

SyncNorwich 5 Review

SyncNorwich 5 felt like a real homecoming, reminiscent of our first meeting as SyncNorwich back in July. Not only were we back at Blurtit with the truly amazing Kathryn Wright, but the BBQ was back and we had presentations from startups! Of course the free drinks were still in abundance and the crowd has grown and evolved, but this was home. This was the first time Seb Butcher had organised and fronted one of events. Despite forgetting to tell everyone his name, he did a stellar job coordinating some very interesting presentations.

First up were Lauren and Andy from Incredibli . Lauren and Andy are good friends of SyncNorwich and have been to many of our events. This is the first time I’ve got to hear about their startup properly and they both spoke extremely well. I am very impressed with their idea and hope they get the funding they are looking for. SyncNorwich will be putting a campaign through Incredibli in the new year. Watch this space.

Juliana Meyer’s been threatening to tell us all about her startup for quite some time now and tonight she finally did. Juliana is an excellent presenter (that’s one of the reasons the SyncNorwich team loves her so much!) and tonight was her best performance yet. She also used a promotional video to great effect. mBaSo is certainly an original idea and is intended to get new music directly from artists to fans on a monthly basis for a very small fee to the fans, most of which is paid to the artist. Apparently there aren’t any Heavy Metal bands signed up yet, but I live in hope!

Mark Alexander is part entrepreneur and businessman and part stand up comic. He treated us to a very frank session on the things that have gone well, as well as the things that have not gone so well throughout his career and throughout his life, including his book. Mark seems to go from one adventure to the next and I hope he will come back and speak to us again sometime. 

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