Thursday, 23 August 2012

My First NRUG

I’ve just got home from my first Norwich Ruby Users Group meeting. Tonight’s meeting was a Language Agnostic Programming Session held at Blurtit (the regular venue for SyncNorwich) in Norwich. It was fantastic! There was no internet for most of it so it was about a dozen geeky guys, plus the wonderful Kathryn Wright, laughing and joking about geeky things in a room. And of course there was pizza, beer, tea, coffee and programming! Loved it! Haven’t had so much fun in ages. I’m already looking forward to the presentations or ruby lessons at the next meet. Well done guys!


  1. I'd second all of that. Great night. Little bit of light hearted Mac vs. PC banter doesn't hurt either!

  2. Thanks for the kind writeup Paul. :-)