Saturday, 14 April 2012


Last night Charlotte and I took Jude (8) to see Battleship. Although Jude enjoyed it immensely, we thought it was rubbish! Hollywood are making the same alien invasion movies over and over again. The best thing about this film was that AC/DC featured twice in the sound track.

There are a few positive things I can say about it. There was a lot of Peter F. Hamilton style sci-fi with the suits the aliens wear and the ships they fly. The film was much better than the remake of War of the Worlds that it was clearly heavily influenced by. Rihanna’s character was really strong and very convincing. Liam Neeson was, as usual, excellent, but if I were him I would be disappointed and slightly embarrassed with the rest of the film. Robroy it wasn’t.

That’s where the positives end. There was cliche after cliche, the worst being two of the main characters coming to blows near the start of the film and then saving the world together and telling each other what an honour it was at the end. There was a clear Battlestar Galactica influence with the battleship that had been turned into a museum saving the day towards the end. There was even a fighter pilot with the callsign “Boomer”. All a bit obvious really. And the idea of old sailors sailing the battleship into battle at that end and getting an old steam ship started in no time at all was just too far fetched.

Save your money.


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    1. The call sign "Boomer" was also in reference to the fighter pilot was shown to be Australian. Boomer - short for Boomerang - would also be a quip at the Australian government for the lack of support for the movies original intended production site.