Friday, 5 August 2011

R.I.P Andrew 'Mac' McDermott

The first time I encountered Threshold was at the first (of only two) ProgPower UK in 2006. I thought they were good and bough all their stuff. They turned out to be fantastic and Andrew 'Mac' McDermott's voice was just incredible. Unfortunately that was to be the only time I would see Threshold with Mac as he left the band shortly after the release of Dead Reckoning. It was a double shame as my wife and I had planned a short honeymoon so that I would be back in time to see them play in Nottingham at Fire Fest.

I found out yesterday that Mac died on 3rd August 2011. It's a real shame. Although it was highly unlikely I would see Mac sing again with Threshold, I had hoped for plenty more material with his other projects and maybe even to see him live.

He and his voice will be missed.

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