Friday, 1 April 2011

Firstborn: A Time Odyssey Book Three

by Arthur C. Clarke & Stephen Baxter
ISBN: 978-0575083417

I read the other two Time Odyssey books some years ago I seem to remember enjoying them more. It could be of course that since I've discovered Alistair Reynolds and Richard Morgan, Arthur C. Clarke's relatively soft style just doesn't cut the mustard.

I did enjoy this book. I also discovered I'd forgotten most of the story from the previous two. The story develops on three different fronts, Earth, Mars and Mir and I had trouble following the characters from one switch to the next.

Nothing very exciting happens throughout, but it does get better towards the end. In fact I couldn't put the book down for the last 80%. I'll still read Arthur C. Clarke and I do hope Stephen Baxter writes another in the time Odyssey series.

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